Our Story

Del Vecchio's Pizza is the brain child of Ivan Del Vecchio and was launched in 2018 when Ivan was a 2nd year student at UWE. 

Growing up in southern Italy Ivan was used to fresh, tasty, Italian food everyday and he quickly noticed how much harder it is to find great quality food at affordable prices in the UK. So when he was in his 2nd year at UWE Ivan started Del Vecchio's pizza. He wanted to give Bristol students a taste of Italy.


Del Vecchio's pop-up stall, November 2018 



Pizza can have a reputation of being unhealthy but any Italian will tell you that is so far from the truth! A handmade pizza made with fresh dough and high quality ingredients is probably the best takeaway food you can buy!

Most of the ingredients used at Del Vecchio's are sourced from Italy, some even come from Ivan's family, this ensures you get the most authentic fresh, tasty, Italian pizza as possible.

Del vecchio pizza has now expanded with our new van set up and specialise in mobile catering with our pizza van that really does stand out in the crowd. Our van is stylishly liveried and professionally kitted out, with a complete commercial kitchen and prep area, including a traditional wood fired oven as well as world class electric oven costume made for Del Vecchio's if you prefer a delicious pizza without the smoke of the woodfire oven.

In our chic and expertly designed pizza vans, we go beyond the ordinary by not merely baking standard pizzas. Oh, that's not our style! Every single pizza we create follows a genuine and traditional Italian recipe, ensuring a truly amazing taste experience.

We don't restrict you to a fixed menu either. Instead, we collaborate with you to curate a personalized menu tailored to your event. Whether it's designing a special pizza topping to align with the theme of your wedding, party, or corporate gathering, we've got you covered. Our flexibility extends to accommodating various dietary preferences, including vegan, gluten-free, or halal options, ensuring we cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of all your guests